Do you take request? I have a things with hyoyeon's hands/nails art and i was wondered if you may made an edit or graphic for that please, thank you? (sorry if i've made any mistakes, my english isn't good!)

i’m sorry sweetie, i can’t find the right pictures for that


1, [HYOSTAGRAM] Hi ~ ^^ — watasiwahyo


[HYOSTAGRAM] Vivian~~~~ so cute ;) — watasiwahyo

Hi please could you give me the link of the video of this title look at those body waves (♥ ‿ ♥.) Gif that you have made on hyo. She is gorgeous!

:) yup, she is gorgeous. i downloaded the video from somewhere else but here’s the link for youtube

cheerful girls

Do you have the link for the fancam of Hyo & her body waves?

i’m confused on what post ur talking about sorry, can u send me the link of the gif?